Friday, September 5, 2008


The drama in my life never ceases to amaze me... I'm starting to think it's me and not everyone else. I honestly used to think it was other people and I just got suckered in because I was too nice (and honestly probably too nosy as well) and I would try and help fix other peoples' problems. I've tried to stay out of it, keep my mouth shut, and mind my own business with all of my current relationships, but I'm not always successful. So thus, there is still drama in my life.
Here's the latest drama (which I had nothing to do with)...Bob is in the hospital. He has had surgery. My mom is flying into Vegas tomorrow. She was planning on coming for a couple weeks at the end of the month, but now she gets to be here for a month. I'm actually really excited, I just hope I actually get to see her and spend time with her. Even though I know she's coming for Bob. (I can hope though right?)

I'm hoping for life to calm down, but maybe that is never in store for me. There always seems to be something dramatic going on. Maybe I'll write on my principal's door that I too, can no longer handle doing lesson plans... then I really would be the source of the drama! ;)


SarahMarie said...

I wish writing about the lesson plans would be the answer. But I know that is not the answer for me. I think I need to go home for one of the weddings I have this month even though I don't know if I can afford it.

Lindsay said...

I think we can officially call you the DRAMA MAGNET:) But only because you are drawn to everyone else's drama(it's because you are a great friend). I guess you can be thankful that YOU are NOT the drama.

Lindsay said...

P.S. FYI if you wrote on the principal's door, we would just erase it and pretend it never happened:)

steveandsteph said...

Conner just crawled up next to me and said, "Ohhhh. I know that dog! That's Mrs. Reyes' dog Tuffy!" He has proceeded to tell me about a picture of Tuffy next to a pool table or pool sticks or something! He sure hangs on your every word and is loving your world-Drama filled or not! By the way, I was happy to see your mom here in town. I know you love it when she can come and I think it is awesome that she spends time with you in the classroom!:) Hope Bob gets feeling better.