Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Round 3

Christmas round 3 was meeting 3 of Bob's children Laurel, Dee Dee, and Michael along with their spouses and children. We had a very nice dinner and got to know a lot of them much better. They are a ton of fun. Here are some pictures of all of the fun we had.

Christmas Round 2

We did round 2 of Christmas on the morning of the 27th. My mom and Dana were here and so of course we repeated our cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate breakfast and opened presents. They gave me an iPod iTouch along with all of the accessories. It is amazing! It is just like the iPhone but I can't call anyone... I can get online, use the map feature, and of course listen to music. (Can you tell I really like it?) Dana got a new camera, which she has wanted forever, and loves it. John got a Kohls gift card so he can get some new church type shoes, this gift was great because my mom wrapped it in a lia sophia box. It was great! Dana gave me some jewelry bought and made in Italy from her travels this summer and she got John an Italian tie, which he wore to church today and looked great! Needless to say John and I feel very blessed.

Round 3 happened last night with Bob's (my mom's fiance) family. That will get posted after round 4 which is Christmas dinner with everyone tonight.. Sheesh!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Fun Round 1

We had a ton of fun at the Reyes' house this year for Christmas... John and I decided that we weren't going to get each other anything since we were supposed to have gone to San Diego, but Santa did fill our stockings, and we also had some amazing gifts from the rest of the Reyes/Lee family. We also enjoyed our annual Christmas Eve dinner of Pasole and Tostadas (I didn't take any pictures of that sorry). Here are some pictures of Christmas morning and some of the HIT toys the kids got.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Many, Many Blessings of the Last Two Weeks

I've tried to write this many times, so I hope that it can be perceived in the way I mean for it to. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the many blessings we have been given just over the last two weeks. So, along with all of my prayers, I thought I would share these blessings publicly as well, so maybe someone who is having a rough time can know that things do always get better. Sometimes they get worse... much, much, much worse before they get better, but they always get better. Just a heads up... I put the background (what's been going on in our lives) in the previous post, if you want to read it. Also, this is going to be long, but as this has become my "journaling" bear with me. Also, if there's something I missed please make me aware of it, I would hate to have it not added to the list.

Onto the Blessings

  • Finding an amazing Substitute teacher for my students (especially since she was able to stay on the entire next week too, while I was out of commission).
  • None of my grandma's funeral services taking place where my dad's did (this was such a relief).
  • Being able to avoid driving in the horrible weather.
  • Being able to see family that I don't ever really get to see.

  • Having generous family members that allowed us to stay with them so we didn't need 4 nights of hotel rooms.
  • Our car making it all the way to ID and back without breaking down in the bitter cold.
  • Our car not getting smashed by the not so smart BYU employees and their big truck.

    They said..."We thought we'd run in and be out before anyone noticed!" and "I guess we did get a little close." People like that really make me hate Provo. I had to get in the car so that I didn't loose it. I did say "YA THINK!" before I slammed the door after they said it was a little close... oops (I'm still working on the not reacting thing I have a ways to go!)
  • Being able to have BYU Creamery ice cream, my favorite.

  • Not falling on all of the ice all over around Provo, and throughout ID.
  • Only having to pay for 1/2 the boot fee for parking in Dana's apartment parking lot.
  • Dana paying for dinner... twice!
  • All of the girls that came out of their apartments to help when I fell down the stairs.
  • The girls that gave me wash cloths, towels, called 911, and everything else they did to help out.
  • My wonderful husband and sister who although were completely freaking out (they didn't tell me but I bet they were) made me feel taken care of and loved.
  • Everyone staying relatively calm around me especially the lady at the front desk of the ER who tried to keep me calm while John went to park the car.
  • The extremely nice nurse that so carefully cleaned all of the rock salt and other dirt out of all of my wounds.
  • She also let me stay in bed and wheeled me to get the CT scan instead of making me get into the wheel chair again.
  • She also got a nice warm blanket and covered me up because I was freezing.
  • John for making phone calls to Mr. Peterson, Anita, my mom, Dana, and everyone else he called that I can't remember.
  • Anita for telling John that she would take care of everything... which she did with flying colors!
  • The doctor that came and explained that I "broke my face" with pictures and everything and helped lighten the mood.

  • To doctor that gave me two pain pills since I was just "going to be sitting in the car and sleeping" for the rest of the day.
  • The nurse that came and offered John a drink, and was bringing me another warm blanket, just when they came and told me I got to go home. He also wheeled me to the car, and was one of the nicest people I remember meeting that day.
  • The people at Walgreen's that were working on the Sabbath so that I could get my pain medicine, and survive.
  • Making it home without incident.
  • John being so wonderful.
  • Leah being my sub... what a lifesaver!
  • My two fellow first grade teachers... I couldn't do what I do everyday without them.
  • Rhonda for filling in for tutoring.
  • The specialist being able to see me on Monday.
  • There apparently not being anything major wrong that wouldn't heal on its own.
  • Pain medicine
  • The first graders for making me get well soon cards.
  • Lindsay for helping me wash my hair since I couldn't get my face or hands wet.
  • Lindsay for talking to me throughout my days home, being a good friend, helping me not go crazy, and keeping me in the loop :)
  • Everyone who called, told John, sent a card, talked to me or prayed for me to get better soon... I did, and it is because of all of you!
  • All my co-workers for being concerned about me, and picking up the slack.
  • All the students being concerned about me, and actually happy to see me at school. They were all curious to know if I was ok and if I would be back at school. It's so nice to feel loved!
  • The huge escrow balance check we recieved in the mail.
  • The tutoring check... I always know it's coming but still, such a blessing.
  • The refund from a doctor that I paid for because I didn't know how our insurance worked... (I'm still really confused about all of that)
  • Seeing the specialist again on Friday where he told me he didn't want to see me again unless I was having problems.
  • Seeing the eye doctor, and he too saying everything looked good.
  • I don't need surgery!!!
  • Everything should heal on its own.
  • John being willing to do EVERYTHING whenever he's needed to.
  • He's had to do more than any husband should ever have to without complaining. I'm so grateful for that!
  • Having money to pay off the credit card and buy me the new glasses that I need.
  • Finally making time to get Tuffy groomed and John's hair cut.
  • Getting our San Diego trip refunded to go another time.
  • Finding Dana a way to get to Las Vegas after Christmas.
These all may seem like little things, (and that's all I can remember... I'm sure there are so many more!) but they add up to one amazing 2 week span. The Lord truely knows us, and will only allow us to be tried as much as we can bear. He is there to lift us up when we're down, carry our physical, emotional, and spiritual pain for us when we just can't handle it any more. I love my Savior and am so grateful for all that He's done for me, especially the last two weeks. It's a time in my life when I'll look back and only see that one set of footprints, because he truely has been carrying me the entire time. I am especially grateful for my wonderful family and friends. You do so much for me and I am eternally thankful to have each of you in my life.

The Scene:

Here's the story if you don't already know what's been going on in my life...

Two weeks ago, I was wondering how the $83 in my checking account and almost nothing in my savings was going to last until pay day. We had so many things that needed purchasing (Christmas) and we were getting ready for our vacation to San Diego.

Then we had the sudden decline of my grandmother's health, her passing, and her funeral to attend in ID. And from what I understood, basically reliving my father's funeral because all of the funeral services were going to occur in the same places as my fathers. The funeral services were beautiful, well planned by my grandma before her passing, and very reminiscent of her. We ended up staying at a hotel one night because of weather concerns, but we able to attend the burial services as well.

Upon our return to Provo, we were able to spend time with family, and on our way out of town I had my lovely fall down the stairs, rushed to the ER, many tests and tears later I heard the Dr. say "Well, you broke your face." This whole thing invoked panic in both of us because we have no idea what our insurance is. School has had some personnel issues and we weren't/aren't sure what plan we've ended up on (Yes I know one phone call could answer this question... but remembering at appropriate times would be our issue there). That is our own fault... but either way, with all the CT scans they did, we're going to owe somebody A LOT of money before our deductible is reached...

Because of the trip down the stairs and my broken face and the medication I missed the entire last week before Christmas break (plus the two more days I missed for the funeral). I feel lost, my first graders were scared of me, worried something extremely horrible had happened, and even wondered if I was still their teacher. Not to mention it is the end of the semester so I have to do grades, grade Quarterly tests, gather Students of the Month, along with all of the other things I'm supposed to do at the end of the month.

Also because of this we cancelled our San Diego Trip, for now. This was extremely disappointing to both John and I we had everything arranged and set up, we also weren't sure if we would be able to get our money back that we had put into this trip so far. Also, this meant Dana was stranded in LA...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Possible Holiday Card

So, you all may be getting a Holiday Greeting Card from us after all. Of course it will no longer be considered a Christmas card... but New Years, Inaugaration Day, Mr. Luther King Jr. Day (Human Rights Day if you're in AZ), Valentines Day... ok you get the picture. Anyway, I won a contest hosted by The Wife and Donkey. Their website is often filled with discussions and advice that remind me of John and I, or my parents, or married friends. It great to see them "discussing" their various points of view, and they usually bring a laugh along the way! But back to the contest I won (since I very rarely win much)...It is for $20 towards a purchase at Sugarhouse Ink. I'm having a hard time picking which design I like best... and since I will wait until I have new glasses, a new hair cut, and my face is all better I have loads of time to decide! So head on over to Sugarhouse Ink and let me know which card you'd like to see us on!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How it Happened

Ok, so you can tell I was on medication (I still am so pardon the randomness) when I wrote this and didn't tell the story. So here it goes...

We went to see Dana on our way out of Provo finally headed home from my grandma's funeral. Dana had some things for us to take to our house since she is spending Christmas with us, but is flying to LA to see our Aunt and Uncle first (we were going to be picking her up on the way home from our vacation in San Diego). Anyway, I had gotten the presents and wrapping paper and headed to the car where John was waiting (he didn't dare park because the night before when we did we got a boot... I hate parking in Provo!). Her apartment complex is dumb... you have to walk up stairs in order to go down more stairs to get to her apartment. I have said many times, "They're lucky someone hasn't gotten hurt on these stupid stairs." So I made it to the top of the stairs, I was wearing sweats since we were driving home and my shoe got caught on my pants. I was able to catch myself, but there was so much rock salt (but no ice) I continued slipping and there wasn't enough room on the landing for me to catch myself again, so no only did I fall however far it is from my face to the ground but add on or 5 more steps down. There was no one around so I just started screaming because I didn't know what was hurt or how bad, I just knew I hurt a lot. Just about every girl in Dana's appartment building came out from my screaming and Dana was right there and then yelling at John. People called 911 and we headed to the hospital.

Dana and John both feel extremely guilty because they weren't there, but I keep telling them that they couldn't have done anything execpt get themselves hurt anyway. So hopefully that made sense... I'm starting to get really sleepy again.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers, cards, well wishes, etc. I really appreciate knowing you all love and care about me. I appologize that there most likely won't be Christmas cards this year... no one wants this face on a Christmas card!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I Broke my Face

If you don't want to see the pictures from me in the hospital after they got me all cleaned up then don't keep reading... they're not very pretty, but they're not too horrible either.

Well the pictures probably say enough... they definately show which side of my face I planted into the cement stairs. If you look at the bottom two pictures (the ones the doctor drew) they show which two pieces of my face I broke. Ok so their really just fractured... but i don't know if that's better or worse. They are really concerened about my eye muscles getting caught in the fracture... so I will be at some doctors offices throughout the week. I am in a lot of pain, and the medicine makes me sleepy. But Tuffy knows something is wrong and so he hasn't gotten off my lap all morning. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. I really appreciate them. Hopefully, I'll make it back to school for something this week! I think the San Diego trip is out.

It's the part under my eye and then a piece on my nose.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some People

So we were trying to get out of town so we could get to Provo before it was too late, but we needed dinner. I told John to go where ever he wanted, he was driving. So we went to In and Out, if you don't know what that is...Come visit me, and I'll introduce you. However... the line is usually long, but very well worth it (this is all of course if you like a good burger).

Tonight, I saw something I've never seen before. Maybe I was so annoyed because I was in a hurry... Or maybe it was because SOME people are just DUMB! But I wish I would have pulled out my camera to get a picture of the lady in the drive thru talking on her cell phone, getting out of her car to get her purse that's in the back seat, and talking to the people in the car behind her ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Meanwhile the 7 cars behind her are patiently waiting (good thing I wasn't driving!) I of course was grumbling about how people are so dumb that of course she didn't get out of the car during the 10 minutes of waiting in line, she waits until it is her turn to pay.

As a side note we made it to Provo without any other incidents.

For all of my fellow coworkers you'll appreciate that John just stepped on a piece of rubber here on my aunt's floor. Can we PLEASE do something about that!

There's my randomness for the day. Good Night!

Friday, December 5, 2008

My Most Amazing Wonderful Husband

Ok, so most of you that read this know John and by knowing him have the understanding of how absolutely amazing and wonderful he is. Today was a great example of that! He baked over 275 cookies for my primary activity because I am a space cadet. He hung up most of the outdoor Christmas lights, he brought me lunch at school because I forgot to take it with me, he comforted me as he told me my Grandma passed away this morning, he went grocery shopping, he took care of our internet issues, he paid bills, he cooked ribs all day, and that is just the stuff I know about! So this is just a little post to his greatness, and to make you all covet his ribs! I know after seeing these pictures you're going to want to eat them! They were so yummy and perfectly complimented by the garlic bread, mac and cheese, and green beans. I sure do love my husband. And often I wonder... How did I get so lucky?