Saturday, March 20, 2010

200th Post Here to Save you TONS of Money!

WOW! I cannot believe I've posted 200 times on this blog... OK, yes, some I cheated because they were 150 characters long updated from my cell phone, but still, 200 posts is a big deal! Thanks to those of you that have stayed around from the beginning, new readers, and those that stopped reading a long time ago when I decided to take months off at a time! I appreciate you all and LOVE all your comments and support!

I figured I would FINALLY answer some questions that I get asked a lot by readers, friends, and family about how I save money and get so much free stuff. Just so you know this post will be linked to MANY other blogs and websites. Check out the ones that interest you. I'm getting nothing out of this from any of them, but am LOVING the services they offer and want to share that with all of you.

Where do you get all your coupons?
I don't get the Sunday paper. All of my coupons I sign up for from the individual stores or manufacturer, or I download them off the Internet from the following websites: (these three are all linked through grocery smarts)

These two sites load coupons right to your Kroger affiliate store shopper loyalty card (Smiths for me):

Also be sure to check out:
Box Tops for Education (while your there you can support Beaver Dam Elementary if you don't have a school of your own to support)
Betty Crocker
All You Magazine is full of coupons but also offer exclusives on their website

Where do you find out about deals?
These are all the deal blogs in my google reader feed... You DEFINITELY don't need to read all of these, I've kinda gotten attached to the people behind many of these blogs so I keep reading them all, but picking 1 or 2 is probably MORE than adequate for getting ALL the deals there are to be had out there!
A good place to start is probably The Frugal Map.

This is the COOLEST thing since sliced bread! It's a combination of all the best couponing/deal websites organized by state! BRILLIANT I tell you! So if none of the following are in your area then check out the map and see what's around. Seeing as I live in such an interesting (state wise) location its easier for me to just use nation wide people :).

Shauntell I've met in person, and actually she is who got me started with couponing and grocery smarts. Oh grocery smarts how I love you! Click on "The List" for your area on Sahuntell's site. Then choose your store. Then the list will tell you what items you should stock up on at your local stores this week. It combines store sales and coupons in an easy customizable list form to save you the most money! Stephanie is from Texas and posts the weekly deals for national chains like Albert sons and Kroger she is also in to filling us in on the latest freebies out there.

Tiffani is from Georgia and is a real inspiration as to what couponing can do for your family.

Deal Seeking Mom Tara is an AMAZING blogger and couponer. She lives in Ohio. She and her hosted forums are probably the most comprehensive resource I use. And I haven't had a chance to use her coupon database yet, but I have a feeling it's going to be one of my new FAVORITE things :)

Mercedes does a great job of covering deals across the country. She is one of my favorites and always is so organized!

Sarah is from Idaho ( I think) I know a lot of her deals/posts mention stores in Boise and Caldwell so I made the assumtion. She's about ready to have baby #4 and her husband helps her out, which I love!

Cha-Ching on a Shoestring Kaley and Wes just moved to Pennsylvania for Wes's new job. These two save SO much money. One day... one day, I'll be that good!

Last, but definitely not least, my new favorite...
Couponing to Disney Kristin is earning money to take her family to Disney World. Every time she saves money she puts what she saved into the Disney fund. (When I get really good at this WE are SO doing that!) Her Welcome Post is worth reading and I should've probably just directed you there instead of typing all of this up.

How do you get so much free stuff?
Besides signing up for EVERY free sample I find out about from all the ladies and gentlemen listed above here are some other things I do.

YouData This is by far my favorite FREE money website. They deposit what you've earned into your paypal account every Friday, even if it's only 7 cents. You won't get rich quick off of YouData, but consistent change from here every week really adds up fast! I figure I can use this money to purchase songs off of iTunes or Amazon and then I don't have to feel guilty buying them :) I've earned $2.00 for checking it once a week and spending 10 minutes at the beginning filling out all the profile surveys. Not too bad for less than 20 minutes of my time!!

Search & Win

Swag Bucks This is a site that rewards you for searching the internet. I've been a member for about two months and have earned enough for $25 worth of Amazon gift cards. My goal is $100 or half a Wii. So at this rate, I'll earn it by September or so. If you decide to sign up and click through my link maybe I'll go for the whole $200 worth because I win swag bucks every time you do!
I search for everything and earn about 30 swagbucks a day by doing so. Just by having the toolbar I get at least 1 swag buck every day. Then I make sure I check out the no obligation offers for 2 or 3 more. They are always putting out free codes on twitter, facebook, and their blog too, so it's easy to get your swag bucks and earn prizes quickly.

WOWZA! That's a LOT to take in! And I have so many more things I could tell you, but I'm sure you'll find many more ways to make or save an extra dollar here or there with all of this information I've given you, and pretty soon you'll be schooling me!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New from Rob Gardner! (So excited!)

I love all things Rob Gardner has created. Joseph Smith the Prophet was my first exposure... It is BRILLIANT! He is Jesus Christ is equally amazing. Saints and Pioneers is beautiful. And this new one Lamb of God, I can tell will probably be my favorite so far!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Best so far?

This has for sure got me more excited than any of the other trailers for the other movies!