Thursday, September 25, 2008


Christine!!! I don't know what e-mail address you're sending me invites to your blog but I haven't gotten any, and I don't know your e-mail address to e-mail you this information. So I hope you'll come back and read this... when you do send me an e-mail ETB2001(at)alloymail(dot)com I would love to keep in better contact with you! (and yes I do know who you are and remember you without the reminder;) How could I forget my best childhood friend?

So to the rest of you out there here's why it's important. Christine was my very best childhood friend. She is a few years older than me, but we always had a great time together. My mom and her grandma served in church callings together, and we became fast friends. Here are a few of my favorite memories of her.
  • Playing "Sonic the Hedgehog" on Sega for hours. She also got me addicted to the Bean Machine game (and yes we've bought it for playstation and John and I play every once in a while). It brings back good memories.
  • Making calendars, stationary, cards, and anything else we could think of that we could print, on that very first computer I remember using without a teacher in the room.
  • Girls camp, she was my "youth leader" but we still had a blast
  • Sleep overs, I think we had at least 2 a month
  • After church popcorn, m&ms and movies
  • 1 of the 2 girls that I ever was really friends with without having drama. I mean I was 9-12 years old but even then I didn't like the drama.

Other random things I remember about my time spent with her

  • really narrow hallways at her house
  • 3rd story attic where the computer was
  • Keeropie (sanrio frog... that fetish stuck around for a while)
  • velvet patterned wallpaper
  • random organ/keyboard thing in the front room
  • dinner with the missionaries
  • Lots of singing... we both loved it!

So Christine, I hope that soon, I'll be able to access your blog and know whats going on with your cute family! Until then, I hope you'll keep coming to read about me, and that the rest of you will stick around too.

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The Schmitt Family said...

The email address I have is
I'll send you an invitation to my blog. My blog is only by invitation. I've enjoyed looking at your blog since you sent me the one to your brother's mission blog. which... I lost that site somehow.
I remember all those things, too. Plus the sleepover talks about boys, walking around the lake, taking your brothers and sister to the park to play in the snow. (that was when I didn't mind be so cold- I must be getting old lol)
My email is Talk to you soon!