Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pictures Off My Camera

1. Mini Trek
This year the YM and YW in our stake had thier Pioneer Trek. All that went said what an amazing time they had. For our stake primary activity we had a Mini Trek. The kids all dressed up as pioneers and did various activities including riding horses, making bread and butter, playing pioneer games and pulling/riding in handcarts. It was actually fairly cool until our group got to the riding horses and pulling the handcart activites. But the kids still had a great time!

2. Clari's 1st Birthday
This week was a birthday week. It was my sister's, my cousin's, my aunt's, a friend's and of course little Clari's birthday. We always enjoy the time we spend with Clari and her family, but birthdays are especially fun. As you can see... she really enjoyed her ice cream cake! Laila also had fun posing for pictures and getting some attention!

3. Beaver Dam High School First Ever Home Football Game
This has been a long time coming. The High School has had a competitive football team for at least the last 3 years, maybe longer (this is only the 5th year that the high school has been here). Two years ago they played their home games in Nevada on a rival high school's field. Last year it wouldn't work so they played in Utah on a local college's field. This year however, after thousands of dollars in donations they are playing their home games AT HOME! It's very exciting... and there were a lot of people there. They had to rent bleachers and set up some sort of stereo system to annonce the game but still, it was great! John spent the whole time cooking burgers and hot dogs for the concession stand, but he loved every minute of it. I spent the time watching all these cute kids get their faces painted... I even jumped in thanks to Sarah, but it was fun! They won their very first home game 57-0 (I think...I know we won though!)


SarahMarie said...

I have to say the football game was great. I wish it wasn't so hot and someone would have shown up, but otherwise it was good. I can't wait to go to more games.

Lindsay said...

Look at all these pictures of super cute kids:) Can I just add my name to your blog and call it good? The game as tons of fun, food was good (thanks to the great chef:) and the kids were fully entertained. It was a little hot, but did expect any different? Hopefully it will start getting cooler. Thanks for coming and celebrating Clari's party. It was little crazy, but what else is new at our house.

Alyson said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you enjoy it.

Your blog looks like a lot of fun! :-)