Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tuffy Today

Here's pictures of Tuffy from this past week. The ones on the white and green tiles were taken today. He's 12 weeks old today!

Tuffy at the New House

Here some pictures of Tuffy exploring the new house for the first time! This was the first week in August.

Other Pictures from Indiana with Tuffy

Here are some other pictures of Tuffy in Indiana. Including Tuffy's first visit with us to the Vet. Please excuse how I look in these pictures!!!

Tuffy Lives Up to his Name

Tuffy continues to live up to his name, he definately isn't afraid of much!

Bringin Tuffy to Mom's House

Since we were in Indiana we brought Tuffy home to my mom's house. Griffy was very protective of Tuffy at first. Tuffy thought Griffy was his mom, Griffy wasn't to big on that idea! He also wasn't very big on Tuffy playing with all his toys!

Picking Tuffy up at 8 weeks old!!!!

Today was the big day! We went to pick Tuffy up to take him home. His brothers had already been picked up so it was just him and his sisters!

Tuffy at 6 weeks old

We finally decided on the puppy for us. We spent a good two weeks this summer searching for the new addtion to our family. July 11th, we went to see his litter. We decided while we were there that he was the one for us. Then it was up to us to go home and decide on a name. Of course everyone had their own opinions and ideas. We had quite the list going, but John and I really liked Tuffy, so that's what we chose.

Getting Ready for Stucco

Hey It actually looks like a house!!!! This was how it looked this morning 8/18/2007

Mud and Tape