Friday, September 12, 2008

Tiring but Rewarding

Well, I feel really great (and exhausted) about everything I accomplished this week! I've gotten home about 6:00 every night but it has been well worth it. That doesn't mean I want it to be a regular thing, but it does mean, that I love the results I'm seeing with my kids because of it! I think by far the most rewarding thing was setting up stations for my "high" kids. This week they got their own 5 activities that are challenging for them, but that they can still complete on their own. Today was just the second day, but they were so excited and they worked so hard! It was great to see them succeed, but have to really work too. Hopefully by the end of the year, I will have specialized activites for all the different level of students in my class. But this is a great first step.

I also read with each of my students this week for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised. It was great to see how well they are actually doing with the beginning reading stage. Honestly, they are so ready and willing to learn. For the most part, they all learn very quickly, too. As tired as I've been, and as hard as I've worked this week, seeing their faces light up always makes it worth it.

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SarahMarie said...

So it looks like you have been busy this week. I want to get this tutoring going and then figure someway to do stations with the wonderful array of students I have. I wish it was last year and I could have those children again. This group is just as fun but so much more tiring and so much of a new learning experience for me this year. So I guess it is a good thing.
About the movie, I think we are looking at a late show at like 4 Utah time. I don't know for sure because Cindy had not looked yet. I will let you know. I am thinking about going up earlier to shop and eat somewhere nice. Let me know.