Saturday, September 13, 2008

Copier Etiquette

This is an assignment I was given after a frustrating Friday afternoon when it took me 45 minutes (no I'm not exaggerating) to make 4 copies. I suggested we have a Professional Development on how to use the copier because a lot of my co workers need it (we got them last year but there are still some who didn't know how to use the last ones let alone these new ones). I was asked to come up with some rules and such . So, I don't know if this will actually get used, but it is also a good way for me to vent. So here it goes... please feel free to add or make suggestions for improvement. These are in no particular order.

Etiquette for using the Copiers
  1. Always hit the clear all button before making your copies.
  2. Do not use if someone else has set their stuff down on the copier and are standing nearby.
  3. Do not use if you don't know how to do what you're trying to do. Ask for help. We'd much rather help you than swear at you under our breaths when we see you throwing away hundreds of (or even 20) copies "that were wrong" or while you're taking FOREVER to make your copies.
  4. Do not use if there is stuff on the copier that hasn't finished copying. Be nice, look and see if you can help the other person's copies get finished. Yes we're all busy, but it's ridiculous that you would cancel someones copies rather than add paper or unjam the machine.
  5. Never walk away from a machine that jammed while you were making copies. If you cannot figure out how to unjam the machine ask for help. DO NOT LEAVE IT JAMMED FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO FIX. Because chances are I will have to figure out how to fix it and I will know it was YOU who walked away. Then you'll be on the bad list until I get over being annoyed.
  6. Wait your turn. Do not ask to cut in unless you have 1 and only 1 copy to make or your name is Lisa and you have a parent waiting. It is rude. We all have copies to make and just because you think you're great, it doesn't guarantee that the rest of us do. If you don't want to wait then get to school earlier to claim your place in line for the copier.
  7. Do not use unless there is paper in the machine. Check if there is paper in the machine if your copies "don't seem to be printing." More than likely someone thought their copies were done
  8. Check to make sure you have all of your copies and originals. Sometimes if you leave while your copies are being made you'll miss that box that says add paper. So check and make sure you got what you wanted.
  9. Clean up after yourself. No one likes a dirty work room, and no one likes to clean up. So the deal is you clean up your own mess and if you don't, don't be surprised if it all gets thrown in the garbage.
  10. Throw away paper boxes that are empty.

As my husband said "It's kinda feisty." But how else would I do it? If you want to hear the story behind the list e-mail me... It's really dumb. It just goes to show how easily I loose it when I'm tired!


Lindsay said...

Can I just say that I love to read your blog when your venting! I think your list is very reasonable. But I am sure glad that I don't have to use those machines:)

Tiffany said...

Haha - I like it and would fully support a lesson on copier etiquette. It's funny to think that these wouldn't come naturally to people, but unfortunately that's true. Good luck with future copying woes!

G said...

I'd say make sure you push the clear all button after you're done making copies. That way, hopefully you won't end up screwing up the next person's copies if they weren't smart enough to push clear all. Believe me, i've done it enough times to add that one!

SarahMarie said...

I also think that people should remember to bring everything with them when they go and not leave the copier. So many people at our school start copies and walk away and never come back. If you are going to do that then ask for someone that is waiting to stick them in your box. I know how you feel about this. It bugs me too.

Adam + Bethany + Carston said...

I can totally sympathize with you (though I haven't heard your actual story). I worked in the MTC Copy Center for a while, and I can say that copy machines are some of the most unpredictable and annoying things to be dealt with, especially when you, and/or those around you don't know how to use them.

Jessi said...

Oh sad day! You should feel left out, because you were...but definitely not intentionally. :0( Thanks for pointing it out because you for definites should have been on there!

So I'm working out visiting my sister in October sometime, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to swing by your place and maybe spend the night on my way there. I'll keep you posted on the details. How are things for you?

ammonandshanae said...

Oh, good times! I love the list! It's weird to me that I am not there to follow your genius rules...and feisty is the only way to be when it comes to the copy machine!

steveandsteph said...


I think these are great instructions and very reasonable. Will you please: 1)enlarge these instructions 2)Make 3 copies 3) Laminate them 4)Post one above each copy machine in plain view.

Mr. Peterson

steveandsteph said...

Dude, feisty is the way to go! Some people don't understand the language of "nice." Maybe we need a feisty instruction sheet. Let's just not assume all of our co-workers can actually READ. You might need to deliver the goods during a faculty meeting. Really SPELL IT OUT! (especially the part about CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!@

steveandsteph said...

Hey. Could you send me the link to Shanae's blog please? I keep trying to go to it from the comment sheet but it won't let me enlarge to full size. Thanks!