Thursday, February 12, 2009

What does internet etch-a-sketch, fake finger nails, and a lesson on "how to clean a urinal" all have in common?

Yes it is 12:30... yes I should be in bed... but I'm afraid if I sleep on it the "funnies" of the night might be forgotten. So here I sit... writing for your entertainment (ok really it's just for my entertainment).

Well tonight I accomplished a necessary, but usually tedious, task of attending our local school board meeting. Usually when you go to a board meeting they have an agenda. They also generally start at the beginning of said agenda and work their way through it unless there are people there that are waiting to hear or speak on a specific item. Tonight there were over 50 items to be discussed.

Tonight, all rules went out the window (apparently). While we did start at the beginning... we definately didn't proceed through the rest of the agenda that way. The board had wanted a walk through of the district web site. The designer is quite long winded, and I have tended to be very easily annoyed this week so I got up and took a break. When I came back the designer of the website was showing the school board that you could etch-a-sketch on the district web site. It was hilarious... what it had to do with what the school board was trying to accomplish I'm not really sure. But it did give me something to text my sister about to keep me occupied.

After the tour of the website we skipped around some again and discussed the food service's adoption of a new health code/requirements. Tonight I was especially grateful for the food service people becuase they continued to make the meeting interesting. The director made sure to point out that she didn't fire the worker because of her fake finger nails...she gave her a weeks notice to make a decsion. Well, she retired. Needless to say, apparently you can't have fake finger nails and work in the food service department at our school.

Well the niquil is kicking in so I'm off to bed... but don't worry this was only the first hour and a half of the 7 hour meeting!


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