Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I love getting stuff... but giving is so much better!

So a couple of my friends have done versions of this post... I'm posting both of theirs... and then my own version...

From Gretchen
From Nivette

For All of You from Me :)

Well I'm a fun loving girl... so... I will promise the first 10 people that comment on this post that

  1. I will do/make/buy/or have John cook something for you/your family/or some stranger you want to pass the goods onto.
  2. You can put in your comment what you would like from me... (But, I make no promise that I will take your advice.)
  3. You must do something of the same sort of "Be nice to other people" thing on your blog/facebook/etc. Just send me the link.
  4. You must be willing to provide me with your address if I decide it's something I want to mail you.

There are no guarentees that you will like whatever it is that I choose for your "payment," unless of course you choose to have John cook for you...I don't know of anyone that hasn't loved his cooking... (even if we do almost burn down the house every time we plan to cook for other people ;)

So whomever you are, although I'm not very crafty, whether you know me in real life, or not let me know you want something from me! Off I go to serve others! Maybe it will put me in a better mood about life!

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