Saturday, February 14, 2009

Now for the rest of the story...

So let's face it I have to be honest with myself. I went to the school board meeting feeling very angry and defensive. Which is why I would not allow myself to speak during the call to the public, although I had thought about it all week long. Luckily John who is always calm, cool, and collected decided he would share our joint sentiments in an non angry, informative, and researched sort of way (my version would have included a lot of usage of the words stupid and ridiculous and probably yelling as well).

The first 3 and a half hours of the board meeting were ridiculous. I mean really, we do not need to discuss etch-a-sketching on the district web site (click to etch-a-sketch away), the fairness/cleanliness of lunch workers wearing fake fingernails, or the effectiveness of our janitors ability to clean a urinal at a board meeting. Many of the items did not need to be on the agenda either. But our school board really needs some knowledge as to where their place is and what their jobs are. It is no fault on anyone really, they just need some training. I hope they are able to get it so that we can have a functioning board that doesn't drive me crazy!

Honestly, John wanted us to leave 2 hours before we actually did. But I said no, because all the items I wanted to hear them discuss they hadn't yet. John ended up translating anyway and so we were able to stay and hear them discuss all of their issues. It's a good thing. The WHOLE meeting was a big misunderstanding. It ALL could have been resolved with 1 phone call. I hope it showed the board members that there is no point in getting all riled up or manipulate things so your more likely to get your way.

When the board members finally acknowledged that they were misinformed I felt much better. I just wish all of the people that were there at the beginning of our meeting would have been able to hear how our schools are really doing.

I know I live in a small community...but I still can't figure out how information gets so twisted so easily.

To the school board members: I appreciate what you're trying to do...really I understand that you think you're doing what's best. But please from now on, you get your OWN information straight from the horse's mouth. Trust the people you have hired. Don't listen to rumors and don't jump to conclusions. And please, please, please... put a curfew on the board meetings of say 9:00. (That still gives you 4 hours!)

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