Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 18 - My Wedding

Here are a few of my favorites from the day. June 7. It was incredibly hot that day. Especially for me... my face turns bright red if I'm outside in the heat for more than two minutes. (I swear it was 100 degrees, John promises it was only 95 ;)
We were married in the St. George LDS Temple on June 7 '03.

THe happy couple, just married and seald for time and all eternity! SUCH a blessing!

One of my cousin's girls. Now 7 years later, she's such a gorgeous young woman! (they drove 12 hours to be at our weeding and then we spent some time at disneyland with them on our honeymoon!

Probably my most favorite picture of John on our wedding day. I love how it TOTALLY shows off his personality!

A great picture of us!

Yet another great picture of my dad and I. I'm so sad that none of my siblings will get pictures like this on their wedding days! Love you!

Before the reception we headed to get some Bridals and STILL MORE wedding pictures at other locations.

My happy (goofy face-making) family before the reception... I can't believe how young all my siblings look/are! So crazy. It doesn't seem that long ago. (in December, the youngest will graduate from High School!)My brother with the garter.... which he caught at both the receptions!

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