Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thanks Sarah... (whats up with all of this stuff lately... I never ever do these!)

Sarah seems to think I'll do this... only because John is at scouts for forever tonight so I will still get my date with my bath tub (it's been a long day)!!
Two names you go by:
Two things you are wearing right now: glasses and pj's
Two longest car rides: Round trip Pennsylvania to Idaho and round trip from Indiana to Idaho
Two of your favorite things to do: sleep and read
Two things you want very badly at the moment: my feet not to hurt and to go to bed now (it's 6:30)
Three animals you have or have had: had a cat for a week (most of my family are allergic), Griffy, Tuffy
Who will fill this out: no one... they all have a life!
Three Things you ate today:waffles, sandwhich, mac and cheese
Two people you last talked to:John and Lindsay
Two things you're doing tomorrow: get out of bed (it is going to be difficult) and teaching first grade
Two favorite holidays: Christmas and Thanksgiving (stuffing...yummy!)
Two favorite beverages: Mountain Dew, water

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