Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Second Day

Well the second day of school was so much better than the first day of school! Let me run through some of the highlights:
Lecture on the importance of staying in line on the way to the bus. (see previous post for an explanation)
Finding out that almost all of my kids can count to 100 with the group by ones fives and tens... yes this is a huge deal!
Recess (highlight for the kids)
During our alphabet review two girls switching shoes... they really thought I wouldn't notice... after putting thier own shoes on and having them pull cards the one little girl said to the other "How come you got me in trouble?!" (that made it all worth it!)
Practicing lining up in lunch line order... this is also the way they line up if the fire alarm goes off so they have to be able to do it fast. I pulled out the timer today. After we pracited without it I timed them. The first time they did it in 43 seconds. My response to them was we're now choking on the smoke from the fire. When we tried it again they did it in 13 seconds. This time I told them I thought we'd be the first ones out the door. They were so excited! It was fun and only took a few minutes.
Singing Happy Birthday to my brother. While writing the date I said Oh it's my brother's birthday. Lots of them said "Tell him happy birthday". So I told them that if they got done with their writing then we would call him and sing to him. After 4 phone calls we finally found him. he had a bad day and I told him he had to listen to something. They all sang really loud and they were so cute! Tanner said that was awesome and to tell them thanks, when I did, he was surprised, he thought I had recorded it or something. He was so happy, it was great! They all asked afterwards if we could make him cards. Maybe we'll do that tomorrow.
Another lecture on staying with the class in line on the way to the bus.
Getting everyone on the bus without incident.

Overall it was a great day. I really love my kids already. I love my new first grade companion. She's amazing. ( I miss my old companion dearly though) This is going to be such a great year!


Lindsay said...

I am so glad that things are going well. All that worrying for nothing, right?:) Jessi said she saw you 2 times today. She had a great day. I think her teacher has had her eyes opened, that is for sure.

SarahMarie said...

I am glad today went better for you too. I am sure glad that tomorrow is a shorter day though. This week has made me really tired and I am slowly becoming domesticated. I guess I will be ready for when I win the bet right!

steveandsteph said...

Sorry about the shoe thing. I always thought it was so cute and never said anything about it when they did it last year. In fact, I might have put fuel to the fire 'cause I took a picture of a couple of girls one day(I actually did a post about it, you'll have to scroll back sometime). So, please accept my sincerest apologies!

Jarred and Angelina said...

I was so excited when I found your blog, I miss you guys!