Sunday, August 3, 2008

Best 5 and Worst 5

1. I got to sleep in... it is heaven!
2. I got to take naps.... again, heaven!
3. I didn't have to be anywhere or do anything, such a great feeling!
4. I'm not sick anymore, I'm always most grateful for my health after I've been sick.
5. I'm home... it's been a long time since I've been home for this long!

1. John was sick all week.
2. Answering the phone only to have some telemarketer on the other end.
3. very few good things on TV
4. Cleaning... it is my least favorite thing to do... and it takes forever!
5. Waking up to the phone ringing (before 9:00 a.m.)

The last one is one of my biggest pet peeves... any of you who know me have heard the horror stories from my poor roommates in college or at conferences (aka Janet) or my husband about not wanting to wake me up EVER... so you can only imagine the bear like attitude when the one week I have all year to sleep however late I want to and I wake up to the stupid telephone ringing.
Ok, now maybe it was just in my house growing up that the rule was no calling people before 9:00 am and no calling after 9:00 pm. However I still stick to the rule to this day, and expect for it to be honored with me. Now most people with kids tell me that they're up by 7:00 daily. However, does that mean that they want me calling them at 7:00? I highly doubt it. Because, even if I am up before 9 I DON'T want you calling me. I am not emotionally ready to deal with anything before then, I promise! (especially on the weekends or in the summer when my time is supposedly mine)
Also for us, especially in the summer and on weekends we sleep as much as we can/want to. I've been told by my childless friends that this is also the case with them. Now if it is after 9 and I'm still asleep then yes you are entitled to call and wake me up, I may not be thrilled, but I won't be ready to rip your head off either. I appologize to anyone who dares to forget this and my reaction to you. I can promise you probably won't like me much after an encounter like this.
Just thought you'd like to know ;)

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Lindsay said...

Don't you worry, I will NOT forget!:)