Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some of my favorites

Here are some of my favorite blog posts ever...

Honestly, when I'm board I click the next blog at the top of mine until I find something interesting to read and then I link from that blog to other blogs, and now have quite a good bunch that I read regularly. Here are some that I just love, and am now hooked on following their blogs. If you're bored, or need a good laugh, most of these will do the trick!

From Where is the Laugh Track?
Unhappy Meals
How to ruin your car in a Jiffy
Wal-Fart (my all time personal favorite... i don't think i've ever laughed so hard!)

From Moosh in Indy
I found her blog with a blog search about infertility and Casey, while we've never met, puts my feelings about the subject into words, however everthing she writes is great! Especially this How I feel about Indy post.

From Normal Mormon Husbands
What type of labor coach are you? While I've never been in labor, I think this post is great! You might also want to check out these posts if you're a fan or not a fan of the Twilight series Twilight for Dummies , Edward Spoof , and most recently his Breaking Dawn Spoof Part 1 ,Part 2, Part 3(this was written before the book ever came out so there aren't any spoilers... just purely funny).

There are lots more, but these by far are my favorite!

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