Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dear College of Hubby's Choice,

I write this is with the utmost respect for lifelong learning, education, and college in general. I mean I am a teacher after all, and I am thrilled my husband's going back to school. I just have a few small (with major consequences) changes to suggest/complain about :)

First of all, some of the courses my husband is currently taking are RIDICULOUS! I mean what class has 12 assignments due every Tuesday that aren't even graded but must be done in order to take the test that is due on the SAME day... (ok do I sound a little annoyed? I HATE my husband spending hours at school and coming home angry with himself, and this particular class isn't helping me have a happy John).

Let's move on to the next "are you kidding me?!?!?" class. It's a library class, but it's online. (What?) He has assignments and tests for this class as well, but the tests are honestly worded so they are trying to trick you and if you don't read it exactly correct, with all the commas in the right place you're screwed! I mean honestly what kind of teacher writes a test with questions meant to trick/screw over/frustrate the students?

So dearest college, you're kicking my butt, is basically what I'm saying. It would be different if it was me, but it isn't, it's my wonderful husband. Please be nicer to him. And if at all possible, please be LESS frustrating!

Oh yeah, one more tiny request, please require teachers to give students a syllabus for the semester with ALL assignments on it. This homework hunt on blackboard each week to even find out what he needs to do is getting old.




Dana Blackburn said...

Welcome to college of 2009. Bites, doesn't it? Yep. Yep. Sure does. Welcome to my life. :)

Shanae said...

That is SO frustrating- I love to read your blog! It's always so refreshing for me. I was hoping to get your e-mail address... would you e-mail me?

Jessi said...

Holy crap! Seriously? I would have failed... entirely. Jessi + LOADS of busy work = Lots of free time cuz I ain't gonna freakin' do it!! No Good!!