Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nothing new...rrrrriiiiiiight

Well not a whole lot is going on here... It's been at least 100 degrees every day this week. John has had school all week (they're last day was today) and I'm working every day as usual through June for some extra money.

The only thing that's different is that John's grandma has been in the hospital for a week or so after having major surgery. She had a baseball sized ulcer and they had to cut out part of her stomach and reattach the intestines. She ate her first meal in a while yesterday so hopefully she will be all recovered and headed home soon!

We also have been without a car for 2 weeks now. Our car is dead. Everyone seems to think they can fix it and that our repair shop is ripping us off, however we've taken our car there for 5 years and we trust them. It has been sitting outside Bob's house inconveniencing him for over a week now. But alas, it is dead and we will not be paying the $1800 to fix it.

Kami has been very kind and let us drive her car as often as she can since she's been up at the hospital with grandma so much. We sure do appreciate all of her help! Luckily we have many friends who have driven us to and from school, church, meetings, etc as well as handing over their keys to their cars for us to drive. I can't imagine nicer people than those that have helped us out. You know who you are, even if you've offered and we have it already figured out we really appreciate your offer!

So with all the car issues, our car being 11+ years old and having over 180,000 miles on it we are buying a new car. We thought we found the car we wanted for a FANTASTIC price... but with all of the fees it's too much for us, so we're trying to negotiate, however I'm not sure what will happen. We're also looking into the same type of car at many other dealerships. If we had a way to get to where we need to go to figure out financing and look at some ACTUAL cars instead of just online I would feel better about things, however, since we have no vehicle I doubt that will be happening.

John starts school on Monday up in St. George... how he will get there I'm not sure. Maybe he'll ride his non-existent bike...

So there's an update for you. Hopefully the new update will be pictures of MY NEW CAR! At least that's what I'm hoping... but likely not since my husband can't ever make a decision.


Lindsay said...

I hate car dealers. They drive me crazy. Not sure if you know but if you buy a used a car you don't have to pay sales tax. Just a thought. Anyway, let me know if you need anything.

Jessi said...

It took me 4 trips to the Toyota dealership before I drove away with my car. It's a lengthy and often times painful process. Good luck with it! And YAY for a new car... soon... :0)

Dana Blackburn said...

You forgot to mention that you're screening my phone calls for some reason... or maybe you're just avoiding the whole Family Reunion topic this week... haha Love yoU!

Lee Family said...

Maybe you can borrow James' truck this week and do some car shopping.I'll have to ask him. He's supposed to be carpooling in someone elses car this week, but I'll need to double check. Let me know what ya think.