Sunday, May 17, 2009

More from LA

These are pictures of Dana's banana tree (you know, the one last february she thought was the coolest thing ever that we had great fun taking pictures with...) that we both thought was so COOL last year when we were there. This time you can see how many it has...however they aren't bananas (like the ones people eat that are yellow)... they're plantanes. If you haven't tried plantanes, you're missing out. I've only had them a couple of times but I LOVE THEM!

They also had beautiful roses over by the green house. The one of the tight rose bud is currently our background on our computer... it is an amazing picture and I still say...I took that picture... I have a great camera for taking close up flower shots!

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Dana Blackburn said...

Awww YAY!!! Thanks for the updated pictures!! You're the best!