Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mt. Timp... in all it's glory!

This is John's favorite picture from our drive up Provo Canyon last week to JC's wedding reception. We had a blast, the drive was so pretty and yes on April 25th it SNOWED... A LOT! As we walked into the wedding reception from the car huge snowflakes began to fall. I have one picture and a couple of videos of Dana that I'm going to try to upload. I also may add a slide show of all of the pictures I took from the car on the way up. Happy Satruday... I'm so glad it's here in 3 more Saturdays I'll be all done with school! YAY!


The rest of the Provo pictures... Playing with picasa collages... and I included the one of JC and I at his wedding reception... some highlights of the evening were talking to a friend from hs (right... want to know more about the conversation see my other blog!), but really, highlights included playing with the twins, seeing families I've known forever, watching Dana dance so that she wouldn't have to "go catch the bouquet", the scenery... as you can see it was gorgeous and seeing a great friend so happy!

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