Sunday, November 30, 2008

What I would do if I won the HP Giveaway

So...there is this amazing giveaway going on out there on the blogosphere. HP has given 50 different blogs including one of my personal faves moosh in indy along with Stop, Drop, and Blog has been given $6,000 worth of new HP technology to give to ONE person! AHHH! Now do you see why I want to win? Now I honestly can't have 4 brand new computers all for myself(not to mention the other awesome gifts). After thinking a lot and missing a lot of the possible wins I've finally come up with my plan.
Right now I'm thinking the HP TOUCH would stay at my house since our current HP has been having some major issues lately.

One of the laptops (I'm thinking the small one for portability) John would need for taking back to school... YES he's going back to school in January, isn't that GREAT! I think this would help him take notes, write papers, and everything else a college student has to do.

Everything else would go to school. Yes, the dear place that I work with my amazing children who inspire me every day to be the best person I can be. Sure there are moments when I can't stand their arguing and tattling, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I still love 'em! Can't you see why? There BIG personalities just ooze out of this picture!

These children are simply amazing. They live through things on a daily basis that no adult (me included) would be able to cope with. If you were to ask a majority of them where they'd rather be, many would say at school(not all). They associate school with safety, warmth, food, and responsibilities they know they can handle.

One of their most favorite things to do is to go to the computer lab during specials. They get this privilege once every 6th day. They are directed to sites on the internet or to one of the two software programs on the computers. I have one computer in my classroom that is for 'teacher use only'. I have a ton of software with no computers to use it on, that my students could use on a daily basis to hit target skills that they need if we were to have these two computers in our classroom (as well as my current computer for as long as it would last). I know these 17 first graders in my class this year, 27 more students in the rest of first grade, as well as the 23 3rd grade students that I tutor would greatly benefit from these computers. No to mention all of the students to come in the future.

My fellow first grade teachers and I make scrapbooks each year for our students. This is always something our students look so forward to. It is an amazing gift to give each of these students at the end of a great year. The new wireless printer and photo pack would mean that we could print pictures ourselves instead of having to pay for them. Even if I just won that it would be such a blessing.

Those Kung Fu Panda DVDs would be given to my famlies I've adopted for sub for santa this year. The Blue Ray version would go to my brother (the only person I know with a blue ray disc player).

I'm thrilled that HP and all 50 blogs would give me this opportunity. Here's for hoping!


FireMom said...

Thanks for the blog post and link! Best of luck and Happy Holidays!

z. Smith said...

Wow Computer Lab only once every 6th day! They need more than that. Best of Luck to you!

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

First, awesome that John is going back to school. He won't regret it. And second, I always think education is such a worthy cause. We just got computers in our kid's classrooms this year and it has made a huge difference.

Good luck with the contest. And, enjoy a happy holiday season!

Laurie/Mobile Mommy said...

That is a fabulous picture of the kids! My oldest is in grade one and it is such a precious age and definitely one where they will benefit from access to such great technology! Good luck!

Gwynne said...

With as hard as it is for schools to get tech these days, this is a great idea for that prize package! Blessings and good luck!

Anonymous said...

You sure seem like a great mother, wife and teacher! It looks like all the stuff would be put to great use if you were to win it--best of luck!