Sunday, November 2, 2008

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

So, this family is auditioning for extreme makeover home edition. They have been in contact with the producers of the show and one of them was in town to shoot a more "professional" version of the audition tape... (I'm now positive this is the one they show you on TV and I always wonder... how did they do that so well). Anyway, the story is she does a ton of things with scouts, training leaders, etc, etc. So for the audition tape they needed 100 scouts and leaders. John, being the faithful scout leader that he is rounded up his boys and headed over. (Unfortunately this all was happening on Tuesday when I have stuff after school for FOREVER, so I got to go too. Lucky me!) They asked everyone to be ready to go at 6:00 so of course we got there a little early... and nothing was going on... at all. Two of the boys and John and I hadn't eaten dinner so I sent John around the corner to McDonald's for some cheeseburgers. After he got back and we ate, I chatted with some friends about the family, since I didn't know them. I guess they have 4 children and the dad is a police officer. 2 of their children are in wheel chairs and they live in the house in the picture. I did notice a ramp up to the front door, but I can't imagine that inside it is big enough for 1 let alone 2 wheel chairs. The mom used to have to drive the two children 5 hours away 2 or 3 times a month so she's a stay at home mom. I genuinely think that this family deserves it. Hopefully ABC will make a good choice and pick this family for Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

As you can see we started out with daylight... but ended with the whole scene lit up by police cars. On the way home we saw that gas was $2.99 at Shell, and John just couldn't pass that up... The shell station is where Dairy Queen is and I wanted ice cream, so we treated the boys to ice cream as well. They were great... on the way home I was praised with comments like "You should always come to scouts" "you're so nice" "Thanks so much. This was so fun!" I was glad I could go and help out... and maybe even get these boys to like scouts a bit more.

As a side note... I left my Debit card at Dairy Queen and didn't even notice until Saturday... AHHH!!! At least they still had it, I'm such a space cadet lately!

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