Monday, January 5, 2009

We'll see how this goes.

So I've decided on a goal for this year... to use grocery smarts with Shauntell's help over at
to save money on every day groceries and help me build my food storage.

I was throwing around some other ideas... but with my broken face and all kinds of bills to pay...and John hopefully going back to school this semester... and talking it over with a few dear friends... all of those other ideas are on hold for now. So I think this one will be a great goal for us this year. Any of you that get a newspaper on the weekends and don't use the coupons... send them our way! We would really appreciate it ; ).

Also check out this new site (but not until after Thursday because I need to win the contest! ; ) for some great tips about easy food storage!

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steveandsteph said...

Great stuff! I am excited to check out both these sites. Good luck with your shopping goals. I hope you can inspire me to follow suit. You can never save too much money:)