Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Rounds 4 and 5

Well Christmas Round 4 was Christmas dinner albeit a few days late at our house with Kami, Bob, Mom, Dana, and us. I didn't take any pictures... I had fallen asleep, and still wanted to be in my nice warm bed. John however did an amazing job cooking the ham,mashed potatoes, gravy, grean beans, and cranberry walnut (it could have been pecans) stuffing. Kami brought the rolls and they were also delicious. Then of course we had chocolate pie for dessert. Nothing like family traditions ;). On Monday it was back to Bob's to meet Robert and his twins for Christmas Round 5. We had a great time, and it was much more casual and easy going. I also felt like we got to know a few of Bob's family members better. Dana took pictures of that, and I'll have to steal them from her before she leaves today. But Christmas is all packed up and put away now... so it's back to school time!

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