Saturday, January 17, 2009

Together for 7 years...

Well, as John's just reminded me, tomorrow will be 7 years that we've been an item. I can't believe it! It seems like just yesterday we were going on that first date, and he was bringing me a dozen purple roses. But we've been through so much together! So here's a little timeline of our journey to get to where we are today. This is more for me... but feel free to come on the journey too! Plus if you can think of things I've left off please let me know... I'm very good at forgetting!

June 2001-Danced together at a BYU orientation dance
November 2001-Chatted online together
December 2001-I called John on Christmas Eve
January 18th 2002-Went on our first date. We saw Beauty and the Beast on the IMAX screen and went to The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. This weekend we also went on our 2nd, 3rd and 4th dates. Also when John called me to tell me he had made it home, we talked about getting married...
February 2002-I had surgery and John came up to spend time with me.
March/April 2002-I met John's family
May 2002-John flies to Indiana and meets my family, we marched in the Indy 500 parade together.
July 2002-John and his mom drive across the country to surprise me for my birthday.
August 2002-John and I are both in Provo, I start the craziest semester of my life 18 credits and 2 humanities credits...John makes me dinner almost every night.
Fall 2002- Season tickets to BYU football.
November 2002-We have Thanksgiving with John's family.
December 2002-John comes home with me for Christmas after celebrating early with his family. It is his first ever White Christmas.
January 2003-I start the Elementary Education program.
February 2003-We drive to Idaho to be at my cousins wedding and for John to meet some of my extended family.
February 21,2003- John proposes, we're engaged! Of course he asked permission so everyone at home was waiting for a phone call.. I still can't believe they kept that secret!
February-April 2003-plan the wedding in St. George, find a dress, order announcements, and all of the other wedding things you do.
April-May 2003- plan reception in Indiana... miss John a lot while he's in Provo and I'm in Indiana
June 7, 2003-Get Married :)
Summer of 2003-John is working full time, I'm taking some classes, but let it be known that I did make breakfast, lunch, and dinner on quite a few occasions this summer ;)
September 2003-Back to school, and both of us working
December 2003-Spend Christmas in our appartment with just the two of us. Drive to AZ the next day on the scariest roads that I've ever been on and I slept most of the 6 hours we were driving the usual 4 hour drive.
Summer of 2004-Attend LUSD#9's summer academy in case I could start teaching there in the future.
October 15, 2004- Turn in Final Teacher Work Sample and Move to St. George
November 1, 2004- Start teaching 1st grade at BDES
December 2004- Actually graduate BYU and John graduates from UVSC...we're not quite sure how we did it the last couple of months with me being a first year teacher and John taking some online classes (humanities and english if I remember correctly). Spend Christmas in Indiana... I don't think we had snow this year...
Summer 2005-My dad is diagnosed with cancer
December 2005-Spend Christmas in Indiana...John is terrified while driving home from awesome seats at a Pacers game in a snow storm while my siblings are sleeping in the car.
Summer 2006-Tanner spends the summer with us in St. George and we go to Southern California
December 2006 Spend Christmas with John's family in their newly rebuilt home.
February 2007-Sign Build Contract on our house and move in with John's Grandma
June 8, 2007-My dad passes away from terminal cancer
Summer 2007-Indiana, Idaho, Indiana, 63 hours in a car and a trip to the ER on the 4th of July
July 2007-Find, buy, and bring home our westie Tuffy
October 2007-Close on and move into our new home.
December 2007-Celebrate Christmas at our house, and then with the Reyes'
Summer 2007- Cascade ID... one of my favorite places to be! Working hard to fix up grandma's house.
December 2008-My grandma passes away. We drive to ID to the funeral. I break my face. Christmas at our house, with the Reyes' and my mom and sister come to celebrate as well.
January 2008-John gets all ready to go back to school.
Present-Living in our own home with the "Tuffers". We have wonderful families and friends that love and support us. We're LOVING life!


Lee Family said...

Very cool. That is so sweet that John bought you a dozen purple roses. (hint hint to my husband sitting next to me) Congrats you two.

Lindsay said...

Can I just say how happy I am that life has brought you here! And it is a good thing that you guys get along so well since most of your relationship has been traveling:)

The Connors Mistress said...

Can I just say I think it's funny that I, too, remember most of the first 1/3-1/2 of that list...hmm, wonder why..;) You guys are great together.

Jessi said...

Crazy how much time has gone by! Reading this brought back so many great memories!