Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Possible Holiday Card

So, you all may be getting a Holiday Greeting Card from us after all. Of course it will no longer be considered a Christmas card... but New Years, Inaugaration Day, Mr. Luther King Jr. Day (Human Rights Day if you're in AZ), Valentines Day... ok you get the picture. Anyway, I won a contest hosted by The Wife and Donkey. Their website is often filled with discussions and advice that remind me of John and I, or my parents, or married friends. It great to see them "discussing" their various points of view, and they usually bring a laugh along the way! But back to the contest I won (since I very rarely win much)...It is for $20 towards a purchase at Sugarhouse Ink. I'm having a hard time picking which design I like best... and since I will wait until I have new glasses, a new hair cut, and my face is all better I have loads of time to decide! So head on over to Sugarhouse Ink and let me know which card you'd like to see us on!

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steveandsteph said...

How STINKIN' cute is SUGARHOUSE INK? I am so glad to know about it! Ummmm, there are too many choices! I really have NO clue what you will do! I did like the dark, kelly green one that I saw on the home page. But, when I got into some of the galleries, I was stumped! They are all adorable and I can't wait to get one in the mail sometime in the distant future! Good luck:)