Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Round 2

We did round 2 of Christmas on the morning of the 27th. My mom and Dana were here and so of course we repeated our cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate breakfast and opened presents. They gave me an iPod iTouch along with all of the accessories. It is amazing! It is just like the iPhone but I can't call anyone... I can get online, use the map feature, and of course listen to music. (Can you tell I really like it?) Dana got a new camera, which she has wanted forever, and loves it. John got a Kohls gift card so he can get some new church type shoes, this gift was great because my mom wrapped it in a lia sophia box. It was great! Dana gave me some jewelry bought and made in Italy from her travels this summer and she got John an Italian tie, which he wore to church today and looked great! Needless to say John and I feel very blessed.

Round 3 happened last night with Bob's (my mom's fiance) family. That will get posted after round 4 which is Christmas dinner with everyone tonight.. Sheesh!

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