Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The New House

We moved into the new house on Saturday October 27. Tuffy loves having so much room to run around and play! Tuffy is on a tether out in the yard because we need to fill in the yard so he can't get under the fence. The first day he was out there he was really whining. I took an old sheet outside and laid it on the porch. Within 5 minutes he was curled up on the sheet asleep.

Tuffy tries out his bigger collar.
Tuffy loves to sit by John's feet as he cooks dinner. It's nice a warm... plus he can get in the way!

The first night we had a couple of families over (the ones that helped us move) with 10 kids between the two families. Tuffy did really well at first. He loved chasing the kids. After a while he was grateful to be resuced by John who put him in his crate away from all the kids! Here are some pictures of Tuffy at the new house.

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