Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More fun things for Christmas

Well after recieving our Christmas presents our house looks a little different... here are some updates along with pictures from our first Christmas dinner that John cooked.

The Frei's gave us this rub on which says welcome to our home... I finally got John to hang the picture of us as well!

Kami is so talented... she designed and sewed this table runner for me! Isn't it cute! Thanks Kami!

My mom got me this moose.. he was very different from anything else I had. We found this tree to go with it at Ace hardware...(thank heaves for 80% off sales!)

Here we added a quote I've had for a while and had forgotten about... since this is the hallway where we have all our wedding pictures we thought it would be nice.

This was one of our gifts from Jenny and James.... after some adjustments it looks great ;)

Here's John cooking Christmas dinner!

yummmm hamm...

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