Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The house now feels like Home!

Well I promised pictures of the house so here you go! It really does feel like home now. At first it just felt like staying at someone else's house that was really nice and I would have to go back to reality. After making the first mortgage payment... well it better be ours! We'll just leave it at that. I'm glad to have all the pictures taken though. Now I can remember how everything is supposed to look next year when I try and decorate without my mom!

This is the guest bathroom... or as my niece and nephew call it the duckie bathroom. We had to keep it for them since that was one of their favorite parts of coming to visit us!

This is the guest bedroom which will be used most often by me for my craft room. At the moment it is a wrapping station for all the presents since I'm doing sub for Santa this year. It's also where we keep all the pictures we get from all of you... I've been banned from putting them on the fridge!

Tuffy can make it up on the bed now!

Hallway to the Office and Guest bed and bath rooms
We finally got our wedding pictures framed (after only 4 and a half years!)
Our DVD collection! Even the neighbor girls were jealous!
Our new desk. We love it!
Hallway to master bedroom, garage, and laundry room.

Well, once we get all the rest of the pieces to our bedding set I think it will look really nice! (It took us forever to find one we both liked!)
Master bathroom (we found lots of brown and blue winter things to go in here!)

I love my tub! I think it's my favorite part of the house!

Living room
John's chair.
Tuffy can now climb on top of the coffee table... I missed getting pictures of that!
One of Tuffy's favorite spots... the back of the couch.

Entry way the sacred grove picture is from my mom and dad for Christmas. It's perfect.
Living room

Me and my moose. Aren't they cute!

The sign says You must believe if you want to receive how that applies to so many things in our lives besides just Santa and presents!
The nook in the entry way.

Island (it's lonely waiting for bar stools)

I'll add more pictures if anything changes!

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