Monday, November 21, 2011

Reset and Coming Back

Well, we've been trying out the Nurtured Heart Approach at school.  I must say, with my class it is totally working!  I love it.  I'm not perfect at it by any means, but one aspect of the Nurtured Hear is 'Reset'.  A word I say when one or some of my students aren't doing what they need to be.  This means they put their heads down until I ask them to come back.  When I say 'Come back' it means that students are to come back to their greatness. 

Well, I figured it was time for my blog to come back to its greatness (not that it was ever that great to anyone but me, but that's ok) I have so much that I've been doing.  I've done more crafty things in the last week than I have in the previous 8 months and I had a ton of fun!  So look forward to many more updates, especially if I can get my blogger app working on my phone! 

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Steph said...

That sounds awesome. I will have to check it out!!!!