Friday, December 18, 2009

Pies, Pies, Pies

Well this Thanksgiving I volunteered to bake/make the pies. Usually this is left up to Kami (my MIL) and she cooks 12-17 pies... I'm not kidding! Plus, the most people there have ever been at Thanksgiving are 12-14 including children. She always has an elaborate display and everything. Oh, and she ALWAYS stressed and exhausted by the time we get to the eating and celebrating part. So this year I said I' would bake the pies, but there will only be 3. So I made apple, pumpkin (which the recipe made two... oops!), and chocolate because my family ALWAYS has chocolate pie at Thanksgiving. They turned out really well. And thanks to my Pillsbury dough boy, the crusts were easy! As you can see, my apple pie kind of exploded everywhere, but I was assured that it happens all the time and still tasted yummy. I've promised Joe (John's dad) I'd figure out how to make him a pineapple pie for next year. Any one have a good recipe? Also, Dana's informed me I'm doing a repeat performance for Christmas, since there weren't any pies served at her Thanksgiving/4th of July celebration in Jerusalem. Overall, a success!

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Stephanie said...

Wowzers! Those look GREAT! I am impressed:)