Monday, December 7, 2009

My Mentoring a Student Teacher Experience

Well here's the short version:


And here are the details:

I've had a student teacher since September sometime. She is wonderful. She is a natural born teacher. She is great with the kids. She is excellent at teaching, and she has great classroom management. The kids love her, I love her. I loved having an adult in the room to laugh and chat with. I think that is the part I will miss the most. Teaching is just so much more fun when others experience it with you. The feeling of teamwork was great too. We were both working together for the same goal. It was also nice to have everything done on time most of the time. I'm a last minute person, only because I have so much in my head at once, I have a hard time organizing by importance so usually the stuff for next week is all ready but the stuff for right now isn't. Needless to say... I loved my first student teacher mentor experience!

Her last day was Friday... Today was a very sad day for me and my class. More than once did a student say "I miss her. I wish she was back. She's a good teacher." She's volunteering her time to tutor other kids at the school until break. She made the mistake of walking down the hall at the same time as my kids... She got mauled! But she didn't mind.

The best thing about it is now, I have a great friend, and my kids have one more person they know they can trust and that loves them.


Stephanie said...

Awesome! It isn't EVERY day that you can say you loved your student teacher like that! I have had my share of the other kind. . .Nice enough people, but teaching? not so much.

Glad you had such a good one! I am excited to catch up with you all at the C. Party!!! Woo hoo!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

That is so sweet! I bet she didn't mind getting mauled. I'm sure it made her feel so good to be so loved.