Sunday, October 11, 2009

Walmart....Mesquite Blow out!

I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Walmart. In general I love walmart and it's endless aisles of low priced merchandise. HOWEVER, the walmart in Mesquite NV is where the HATE part of the relationship comes in. It is the closest walmart to me, but it is a "little" walmart. "little" translating to mean smaller without all of the things you come to depend on walmart having. Friday night was a breaking point for me.

I shop with coupons. I will not buy something that I have coupon for without using the coupon and most of the time we try and only buy things that are on sale and use the coupons to maximize our savings. Which is why until the last 2 weeks I haven't stepped foot in the Mesquite walmart (well that and all the traveling, swine flu, etc).

I was there last Saturday so 8 days ago and had a mostly fine shopping experience. The downfalls were that they've stopped carrying my yogurt and my favorite flavor of my favorite brand of ice cream. But alas, all was well, I got most of the things on my list and had NO PROBLEMS checking out with my 20+ coupons (all printed from the Internet on reputable coupon sites).

This Friday we went again to get a few things and we had a bunch of coupons expiring that we wanted to use. We get the cashier from _______ who doesn't even try scanning all my coupons (which this time I only had 6) but throws a fit saying they don't take Internet coupons. So we wait for the manager who because she doesn't want to type the numbers in off the coupon (a whole 10 seconds) agrees saying they don't take coupons printed from the Internet. I explained that their coupon policy was online and it said they would accept them. But the lady just kept insisting that they didn't accept them... So I spitefully told her she'd better inform the rest of her employees that they should break company policy and not take them either.

I WAS LIVID! (and that's probably and understatement!) OK, lets be honest... I still am LIVID (I'm writing this aren't I?)

I told John to get out all of the items we were planning on buying with the coupons. (The one item I found I basically threw it at the cashier lady). We paid for our items and left. By the time we got to the car I was telling John I was never going back because not only were there items on our list they didn't have, but that I didn't need my blood pressure shooting up at Walmart higher than it does at the school board meetings... so I'm done.

If I need to go to Walmart, I'll be heading up to St. George, because this isn't worth it. Fairly soon however, I think I will not be doing ANY grocery shopping at ANY walmart so I don't have to deal with it.


Jessi said...

I drive down to visit Kimmy in Provo about every 2 weeks and we head to Walmart to do her grocery shopping. The last few times we've gone have been INSANE - we've been catching the post-football-game Saturday rush. Well, THIS Saturday we went earlier, and there was no home game. We got in a line with 3 people in front of us (not a biggie). We were in line for about 45 minutes (kind of a biggie). The guy at the register had never really been trained - he didn't know how to accept coupons, partial payments, or put more than one item into a bag. It was grand. On top of all these incompetencies, he insisted on handing each one-item bag to us to place in the cart, as opposed to using the bag carousel. Brilliant! (I feel however that this alternative was better than the guy running the register next to us - his strawberry-blonde hair was in dreads and probably hadn't been washed in at least a year... I felt dirty just looking at him!) I think that Walmart's service policy is to make customers leave as pissed-off as possible, but to keep them coming back with cheap prices... I think I'll be shopping at the Target SuperCenter from now on!

steveandsteph said...

Oh my! I have never HEARD of such craziness! I wish I had a similar story to report but alas, I don't! I actually really like Walmart and will probably have a hard time getting used to doing the coupon thing at those other stores we discussed. I AM so glad you came over though and poured your wealth of knowledge over me. I am sooooooo stoked for the savings! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Oh, and if you ever want ME to go to the big, bad Walmart for you, I will gladly get you all of your necessities. Let me know!
P.S. I think you and Jessi ought to send these mad, hate comments to the Walmart public relations people via the internet. I wonder if someone would give you a response or something???