Saturday, August 1, 2009

Visit to Salt Lake/Provo areas

The last week in July we headed up to northern Utah to see Dana(my seester) doing here thing (archeological dig) in SLC. I love my sister and she ALWAYS does the COOLEST things! Take for example... in just 1 week she will fly halfway around the world and spend the next 4+ months in Jerusalem! See I told you she's cool, waaaaaaaay cooler than me!

Did I mention that we have a blast together? We did some shopping, ate yummy food, and went to through the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open house.

My wonderful friend Jessi whom I didn't get a picture with (!?!?! not quite sure how that happened) went through the open house with us.

Such a beautiful place.

It was a very different Open House experience for me. Basically we walked through the whole temple in a giant line. I felt like I was a cow being herded... the problem with this was the lack of reverance and lack of time to linger.

But it did not take away from the beauty. The best part was the couple at the end bearing their testimonies of eternal families in one of the sealing rooms. That was a great experience!

Afterward we went to dinner at Johnny Carinos. Very Yummy! I mostly ate John's dinner though (which was the point since I just ordered an appetizer) He had Pepperoni Macaroni... IT WAS SO YUMMY! We had a great time catching up with Dana and Jessi. It was great to see you Jessi! We've decided it was time for Jessi to come visit us next. We can't wait to have you at our house!

We had an amazing time... One of the highlights was Dana showing off her tan lines, they're pretty hilarious! I can't look at her feet and not laugh... it shows what a white girl she really is :) Here are some pictures :)

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