Friday, August 21, 2009

It's been a while!

Hey Everybody... I'm sure most of you know who read my blog that I've been on many adventures over the past month. I'm working on getting posts up with LOTS and LOTS of pictures for you! It will be my weekend project to keep my mind off of school, plus I have to get it done before John goes back to school next week and I'm back to very rarely getting to use the computer. But not to worry I keep up on all of your blogs from my couch using my iPod. A very neat tool but not conducive to posting (since it only lets me write in the title part ;) Oh yeah, you'll have to scroll down past this post because I'm back dating my posts to when they should have gone up ;) O how I love blogger's ease at keeping my journal writing in cronological order (and letting me cheat, just a little!)


inkylou said...

Hi there, you don't know me, but John's mom was my 3rd grade teacher, and I, too, am a big fan of changing the dates on blog posts for my own filing purposes. :)

Lee Family said...

I just had to comment on your blog title picture. It's an awesome picture!We need to get together soon, it's been a while. I miss you guys. Tell John I love him. :)