Friday, July 17, 2009

Some people's bad attitudes

So I posted this:

Remind me to tell you about the jerk at costco :)

and thought I'd share the story.

Let me just start by saying yesterday was a roller coaster day anyway.

If you knew me 3 or 4 years ago my attitude on life was much different than it is now. I was a downer, wanted everyone to join my pity party, feel sorry for me, and not a whole lot of good could be found. (I tried to hide it but my constant complaining about everything and trying to one up your bad day with how bad MY life was is kinda hard to hide) Anyway, since my lowest point which I'm not exactly sure when that was, I've tried to have a much more postive outlook on life. I'm not always successful with this, but I'm still moving forward and trying to look for the good in everything.

My point in sharing this is that I understand where this guy is coming from and really feel sorry for him. In the checkout line for costco I'm trying to tear out our coupons while John is unlaoding the cart, in the line next to us this guy is very loudly going on and on about how he hates costco and how they don't take credit cards and flipping out that they will scan his card before its "okay" with him. He wasn't shouting but he definately was wanting to be heard.

This is how it went down...

Guy: quite loudly "I just hate this store!"

Me to John: (in a normal person voice (not my normal but a real normal person voice) Then why bother comming? I mean if it's so bad...why come?

Guy: Excuse me?

Me: contiued to clip my coupons becaue I didn't really want to know if he was talking to me or not...

We check out and go to leave the store. On the way out I smiled at this grumpy man and then it continued...


So I stopped my cart, turned and said
Me: If you hate it here so much save your drama and don't come.

Guy: Get the H*** out just get out!

Me:"Well you have a great day!" very genuinely. Cause I did mean it. I really felt sorry for this guy, I mean I know how I felt about the world when I acted that way

So maybe I was out of line saying something to my husband about this man. But his negative attitude was really obnoxious. Obviously, I've rubbed off on John because he went back and spoke with the man who continued to swear at him. I don't know what John said though.

But I really was going to share the story of how I have changed over the years, until he started swearing and then it became about the jerk at costco... anyway, thought I'd share ;0) Needless to say a more postivie attitude is something I will continue to work on!

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Lee Family said...

Good for John. It's good to see him stand up to someone who is being inappropriate. He would have never done that before, he must really love you. :)