Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm a Professional!

So our laptop is working again...YEAH! In fact i write this post from it sitting on my couch... Oh how I missed it! We had quite the adventure getting it working again. First I chatted with the Customer service people at HP she connected me with a company that sells a device that turned my old computer hard drive into an external hard drive. That was really cool because then I was able to get all of my stuff off of the old hard drive and not loose it! Then we bought a new hard drive (250 GB for $90.00 we thought that was a great idea since HP wanted us to pay them $600.00 for the 120GB hard drive replacement) which when we got it home said "ONLY TO BE INSTALLED BY A PROFESSIONAL". I decided I was a professional (even i it has nothing to do with computers) so I tried it. (This was at 6:00 Saturday Night). It took 3 hours to install the 4 recovery disks and then it took all night to install the first 119 updates. Sunday morning there were 27 more updates to finish doing and then installing all of the software and such things. The rest of Sunday was spent transferring all of our documents, pictures, music, etc. to our new computer. All in all I now consider myself a professional computer hard drive installer. Any takers? I can fix it right up! It's really more tedious than difficult! But we're back... now the only thing left to do is clean up the computer were borrowing so we can get it back to the owners. Thanks again for lending us your computer!

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