Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My First Quincinera

Our secretary at school's oldest daughter just turned 15. In Hispanic catholic culture tradition is to have a coming out party called a Quincinera. They have been planning this for over a year. They had so many complications and it was the source of a lot of stress. I missed the church service because I was trying to help decorate. The decorations were missing so I wasn't able to help, and I missed the church service. When it was all said and done Anna was gorgeous, the mariachi band was amazing, the food was great, the band was definitely TOO loud, but it was a lot of fun. I even got out on the dance floor and danced with one of my first graders that was in attendance. It was very interesting to see the Hispanic culture in the area and what a party is to them. Unfortunately, my camera doesn't like taking pictures under florescent lights so I don't have any pictures of Anna in her gorgeous dress. But, here is a picture of the mariachi band and the back of the center pieces that were on the tables.

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G said...

I was gonna're totally older than fifteen!