Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Up to Us

While trying to decide whom to vote for it is very apparent to me that whatever this country decides when we vote on November 4 will be said to have drastically change our way of life. Not necessarily because of whom or what we vote for, but because we are already headed down a path and we have defining decisions to make in the next 4 years. The choices of our society thus far, have led us to this point. Now is when we stand and have our voice heard. Now is when we change what our country is all about. Now is when we do whats best for us, our children, our families, and our friends. Now is when we come together for a common goal to have it accomplished. So when children in the future study history, it will be said that this election was a turning point in our society. I think we're finally ready for it. Not because of whom we elect, but because of our united goal to bring about change in America.

These are facts. We are in a down turning economy. We have a nation debt of 10 trillion dollars. We are fighting wars in at least two (depending on the day and whom you ask) foreign countries. We have members of our society fighting their own daily battles whether for their dinner, putting a roof over their heads, our country's freedom, making their life and their families lives better, or for their own lives while battling various diseases. We have moms and teachers struggling with a record number of children with autism, ADD, ADHD, and various other learning disabilities. We have schools trying to teach children with more children in any given class and less teachers because of "lack of funds". We have doctors and nurses in hospitals everywhere treating patients without insurance.

Isn't it time for a change. Isn't it time we stand up for something?

I personally haven't decided my vote on anything but my local school bond. I requested an early ballot, and that is the only thing I've filled in. Being so, I don't think you should vote for any particular person for any particular reason. I just think you need to know what you want to accomplish in your life, and decide which ballot items and candidates will help you accomplish it.

Otherwise, get involved! Go to your local school, city, and town, board meetings. Volunteer, go about doing good, make someones day better. The world changes for good, when good things are happening. My theory is, as a nation we've become obsessed with buying and having things, its why we're in debt. We can't take them with us. What we will have throughout eternity is our lives to look back on, and our families to love. Lets build them up, teach them to do good, treat them like we should, and all be better for it.

Let's make whomever is our next president look good, no matter who he is. Let us be the difference, not one man. Let's come together and make the best lemonade out of the lemons that we've been given!

It's up to us to decide our future, so make the best of it!


Lindsay said...

Well said! I will be voting today(maybe?). And now tell me again why your not running for President?

SarahMarie said...

I totally agree with you on all of this. I also got your message and I am going to call Mrs. Frei tomorrow and see when she is home so I can come and get them.

The Schmitt Family said...

I love what you said, although I think the saying is, "You CAN'T take it with you." lol. I truely believe what you said about us doing our part. One man can't do it alone, but he can get the ball rolling... we have to give him a break and do our part, too. Also, anyone who doesn't vote in this election...I don't want to hear any complaining! If you want to have the right to complain... VOTE!!!!

Bethany said...

I'm excited to vote for the first time. Eight years ago I missed elections by a week (I wasn't 18 yet), and four years ago I wasn't on top of things and didn't get my absentee ballot (I was on the mission). So I'm looking forward to making my stand (still doing research so I'm not yet sure what that stand will be). Thanks for your thoughts and motivational words.

Jessi said...

I totally agree. I think that we're all so ready for a change and need to be more willing to make it happen. I'm sick of hearing people complain about how bad the world is getting, and yet they are so comfortable sitting back and watching it all happen. My parents have been so heavily involved with the marriage proposition in California that it's really been hitting close to home how much we need to stand up for what we believe! Well said! :0)

steveandsteph said...

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