Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thanks Lindsay...

3 Joys-
*snuggling John and Tuffy
*watching first graders eyes get wide and bright when they finally grasp something I've attempted to teach them
*being with people I consider to be my family, blood related or not ;)

3 Fears-
*not being able to have our "own" kids
*drowning (I won't go swimming in the ocean again)
*failing at anything, especially when it comes to family or my first graders

3 Goals-
*get out of debt
*get healthy, really healthy
*get my first graders reading, all of them! (this is always the goal, it hasn't happened yet, but it is always the goal)

3 Obsessions-
*blogging, reading other blogs
*all things Disney

3 Surprising Facts About Me-
*I love the smell of pine trees
*I'm more likely to cry when I'm mad than when I'm sad.
*there's not a lot surprising about me, what you need to know (and more) I'm most likely to tell you straight up.


4 places I go over and over.
*Lane Bryant
*Wal mart

4 places I like to eat.
*Tucanos (provo)
*My HOUSE (John is the best cook I know)
*Paneara Bread (thanks Janet, Dana, Mom)

4 places I would like to be right now.
*at my own house
*in my own bed
*with my mom and sister
*at Lake Cascade building a sand castle

4 t.v. shows.
*Jon and Kate plus 8
*Big Brother
*Las Vegas

4 Books I've enjoyed recently
*The Host
*Fablehaven #3
*Diamond Back Caves
*Rip Squeak (thanks again Frei family!)

4 people I am tagging (okay, not many people read my blog (or if they do they don't have a blog) and most that do have done this, so I'm tagging people that probably won't know they've been tagged... sorry!)

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Lindsay said...

Thanks for doing the tags. As much as I hate sharing my true self, it is fun to find out about other people.