Friday, July 25, 2008

The Drive Home

Well, we're finally back home for good for the remainder of the summer, unless something unforseen happens, which I'm praying it doesn't. While we're glad to be home, I brought some bacterial infection with me... I thought it was strep, although the test was negative, but they gave me a z-pack anyway so I'm hopeful I'll be feeling better soon. Now for the adventure that was our drive home.

We left Cascade on Tuesday as planned but were only planning on going to Twin Falls. We had planned the entire time to stop along the way through the canyon to take pictures. John stopped along the way at a few places he had scoped out and I of course for the sake of family tradition had to stop at the swinging bridge. Needless to say, that was the only day it rained the entire time we were there! And it rained, hard, pretty consistenly. It had stopped for a while and was just starting up again when we pulled up to the swinging bridge... Which for the record did have a no trespassing sign but the gate was open so we figured it didn't apply. John went out on it, I didn't feel so daring with my wonderful camera. By the time we got back to the car it was the rain was picking up. The remainder of the drive down the canyon was kinda scary. There was a good stretch that I couldn't see the road in front of us (another reason why John does most/all of the driving). When we were about out of the canyon and the rain had finally let up and we could see the road again, we came to a big black river of mud across the road. John stopped and judged it, and then drove across... so much for our nicely washed car! Lots of people were stopped in front of us on the other side of the mud slide... they had just gotten out to look at it, while it was cool we had things to do, so no pictures for us. After stops in Emmett to say good by to family and return borrowed items we were back on the road.

We drove the short 2 and a half hours to Twin Falls and checked into our hotel room. We made trips to Costco and Dairy Queen. I am an ice cream girl, and I LOVE Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, so I had to have their newest blizzard. John always gets a chocolate dipped vanilla cone. I always thought that DQ people always made the perfect cone... this one proved me wrong, and you can see on John's face how please he is with it! I think his exact words were "I hope I'm not going to find a knife in here.... Isn't that what they found in that Subway Sandwhich?" Needless to say by the time we made it out of DQ and while I was trying to take pictures, I was laughing histerically.

The next morning it was off to see the new Twin Falls Temple. It is complete and they are currently holding the open house. So we decided to get tickets and go. It's not very often you can see all of a temple in one sitting. It is gorgeous both inside and out. We had a lot of non members in our tour group and it was neat to see their reaction to it. We didn't really have time to take pictures so we took these driving very slowly away from the temple. I think they turned out really nice, considering the circumstances!

The next portion of the drive home was fairly uneventful. I slept a lot of the way since I really wasn't feeling well. We made the usual stops in Springville and the Beaver Cheese outlet. We talked about trying to get me to a clinc since the next day was statehood day for Utah and everything is closed.

We made it almost to St. George when we got a flat tire. John spent a lot of time emptying the trunk and getting everything ready to change the tire. He was so patient, I was very proud of him. After 30 minutes or so the jack still wasn't working right so John called Jenny and James. Luckily they were home and James was willing to drop everything he was doing to come rescue us. So 30 minutes later Tuffy and I were sitting in their van with Megan (my niece) singing along to the Peanut Butter and Jelly song. Megan and I had fun singing together but before long, we were all back on our way home. We finally made it home about 8:30 Wednesday evening. YAY we're so happy to be home!


Lindsay said...

So loving the ice cream cone. It must of tasted fine (hence John is still alive:) Glad your back & hope you feel better soon.

SarahMarie said...

I love to read and hear about all of your experiences. I can't wait to see you and actually get to talk face to face. I am getting over a cold too since I got sick one night on the way home. I did not get a flat tire, but I am glad you had someone to come to your rescue. We will have to go and have one of those thin mint flurry things together. Let me know when you are feeling better.

steveandsteph said...

I'm so glad you are back home and can relax a teensy bit before school starts up again. You have had a busy summer! BTW, your camera really does take great pics. Was it pricey? Let me know and see you soon. P.S. Hope you Feel better fast!