Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuffy, Romeo, and the Provo family...

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Well as you can see from the pictures Tuffy loved his weekend in Provo. He spent most of his time egging on Romeo, and staying clear of Poco (which is a good thing). Romeo is 3 and Poco is 12. Tuffy only got in a few tiffs with Romeo mostly because they fought over who was in charge of how, when, where, and what they should be playing. Tuffy also got to meet a bunch of my cousins' kids. Aysha is almost 2 and would see him, scream, and run away... by the end of our hour there she was petting him, Tuffy was great with her! Tuffy also got fed some of our dinner by some of the kids... We not so nicely informed them that Tuffy only eats dog food unless they wanted to ride home with us to clean up the mess. I think we hurt some feelings, sorry about that! Overall we all had a great weekend in Provo. Tuffy especially!

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