Monday, June 30, 2008

Cascade Idaho Part 1

Well we've now been here for one week. Here are some pictures of when we first got here. The movie line that comes to mind is "Scary beyond all reason." (name that Disney movie)

Just know that behind this paneling is all kids of nastiness.
Okay, really, who let people put up wall paper... blast it all, I HATE WALLPAPER!
Honestly, between the wheels painted on the tops of the closets, the WALLPAPER, the weird mountain scene in the upstairs bedroom, and the fact that you couldn't touch anything without being dirty, we about ran away screaming. That probably would have been the smart thing to do, but we didn't so here we are a week into the project that seems like it will never end. Just when we think "We're done with this room," we remember the 12 more things that need to be done, but we're getting closer!

This is the huge woodpecker we saw on day 2 of our excursion... he is huge, and gorgeous, although not so nice to wake up to that constant pecking sound.

I must also mention Tuffy's neighborhood friends. He stops by daily and spends a few hours with Tuffy. It's been nice, because then Tuffy is tired!

Here are some pictures of the kitchen after painting.... yes the nasty panelling did go away, yay!


steveandsteph said...

Holy Cow! So don't envy you right now! I've dealt with projects of this sort before. I'm willing to bet you have nightmares about these rooms each and every night! Good luck to ya! If it's any consolation, the kitchen looks great! Good Job!


As well as I know you two(especially John) this mess has to be driving you crazy. Glad to hear you will be back soon. The kids had to much fun calling you yesterday. Hope you had a wonderful b-day!