Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuffy turns 1... Happy Birthday Tuffy!

Well today is the big day! It's Tuffy's first birthday! I can't believe it! It wasn't very long ago that he looked like this.... What happend to my tiny fluffy puppy? Now he's definately not tiny, but he sure still is cute!

I'm so sleepy..plus I really need a hair cut!
It's so bright out here!

Strrrreeeetch.......... Oh how I like the dirt!

I hear something.... What is it?? I want to go get it!

Tuffy's birthday present...

He loves his doggie door! Yes he was absolutely terrified of it when we first put it in. He sat there for an hour and poked his nose at it. Once he learned to just go through the door he loves it! Plus since the weather has been so nice this weekend he has spent most of his days outside... and it has meant no more accidents in the house when we're not paying enough attention to him! I don't know what we'd do without Tuffy!

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