Sunday, May 18, 2008

Life after school....

Well this will be an unusual post for me... no pictures just my ranting... I figure if I write it then no one has to read it but it gets it out of my system. We are winding down our school year only 5 days left!!! I must tell you I'm quite excited. This school year has brought much drama to our little school distict. If you want to know e-mail me and I'll share with you. The kids are already done, so it is very hard to feel like you're teaching when they are so out of control! We are loosing quite a few teachers this year, not as many as I thought, which is almost disappointing since all the ones that said they are going and aren't are the ones that need to go. Now most of the ones leaving are some of the best teachers we have! Such is life, it never does seem to go my way.
So now onto all of the hectic things of summer. Ours is looking quite busy this year. I applied for a teaching fellowship with the Department of Education... while at the moment I haven't heard anything (which makes me think nothing will come of it), I really hope that I get it. It would be a nice additional income. If I do get the fellowship, we will be in D.C. sometime during July. Next week we will be in Indiana. Then we come home just in time for me to do some work for school. I get a week off, which will be good so I can go to all my doctor's appointments, eye doctor, dentist, etc... all of those things that I don't take days off during the school year to do. Also Tuffy has to get into the vet for some more shots, a hair cut, and possibly other things... Then, I head to Scottsdale for the reading first conference... I'll be so glad when reading first is done with! After that it's up to Logan, UT for John's cousin's wedding and we'll continue on to Cascade ID to fix up my grandma's house. We're told it will probably take 2 weeks, which will lead us right up to the time when we'd go to D.C. if I get the fellowship. So I guess we'll see how the rest of the summer goes. Whoever said that teachers teach for their summers "off" has never ever been a teacher or had a teacher in their family!!
Well now that I'm done ranting, I sure would love to hear from each of you! Know that we love you all!

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steveandsteph said...

AMEN sista! Not to mention the "side jobs" one needs to take to pay for all these glorious "career development" courses we are forced to endure!