Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alaska:Russian River Falls

We decided to do some hiking along the Kenai River country.  It is SO pretty and after talking with my cousins and their kids we decided the Russian River Falls hike wasn't bad "a walk" they said... about 15 minutes on a bike, they said.  Well, when we got there we noticed signs saying it was 2.8 miles one way.  We figured it must not be too hard so we braved it anyway.  There were a few times along our walk when I wondered if we were ever going to make it.  But we did make it and about 3 minutes after arriving it all became worth EVERY single step!  

Lots of little waterfalls along the way. 


Definitely a gorgeous view!

Everything was SO green! 
First view of one of the creeks that feed into the Russian River.

Apparently, over this bridge and through the woods in the other direction is a cabin you can rent and stay in! 

These mushrooms remind me of Mario Kart on the Wii.  I know, I'm weird! 

We made it!  Look at those salmon jumping upstream! 

No wonder the salmon spawn out!  They have to swim up this! 


It was like my very own in person view of Brother Bear!  

AHHHHH!  Those are REAL bears!  I can't explain the feelings of awe and inspiration I felt in this moment.  

Mama bear caught a fish!!! 

Step one get to drier ground.

Step two skin fish. 

Step three eat and enjoy! 

Step four share with kids. 

Or at least the one who won't try fishing by themselves! 
 This was one of the single most memorable moments of my life! 

We went down to the bank to get a closer look.  

Where we saw the most salmon trying to swim up stream.  Some were already spawned out.  

fireweed is everywhere!