Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rob & Tracie Morris - Former Super Bowl Champion, Parents of 5 and Mormons

So thankful for people with testimonies this strong and willing to share!

(if your emotional state is fragile like mine is... you may need tissues to watch this)


Lee Family said...

Thanks for sharing. I kept wishing that you would have been at our stake conference this weekend. Elder Holland was here. It was an amazing conference. He gave us all a blessing, extending to those we were thinking of. So consider yourself blessed by an apostle. :) *hugs and love to you and John*

savanna said...

I am touched, because I also experienced. It has been for 20 years and am now grandmother. I wish you all the best and the strength and health! Natalija.

Stephanie said...

Hey there Erika!
Conner and I were going through his giant storage bin of school memories last night (trying to make some sense of the chaos) and we had so much fun looking through his 1st grade scrap book! You are so awesome for pulling that together! We had so much fun remembering our B.D. days!
Hope all is going well. We miss you!