Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lia Sophia Party!

Before I start my post I just have to tell Dana that the music is at the bottom now and doesn't start on it's own. I kept it there just for you :)

Over Christmas break while home in Indiana my mom received the spring/summer Lia Sophia catalog... Which she, my sister, and I proceeded to look through, drool over(pg 31 M), criticise for lack of photography skills(pg. 11 K or pg. 54 B), and of course laugh a the couple of pieces we found hideous(pg 60 letter D)! However, this being at least the 6th Lia Sophia catalog I've shopped through, it is by far my favorite!

So of course, I have to have a party, besides it's been a while since I've had one!

My mom's coming to town and conveniently the BRAND NEW Lia Sophia catalog will be available to order from on Monday :) Plus she has a ton of the new pieces to see and even better try on!

Therefore, on Thursday February 4, 2010 you are ALL invited to my house at 4:00 for yummy "after school snacks" and to try on FABULOUS brand new jewelry!

Don't live near me and want to join in the fun vicariously? Check out the Spring/Summer 2010 Lia Sophia catalog. And if you want to know about the monthly specials, check out the lia sophia facebook page.

***I promise not to hassle you about buying jewelry or throwing a party... However, don't blame me if you find yourself drooling over/dreaming about jewelry.***

Due to new rules and regulations I should inform you that I am not being paid by anoyone to write this nor am I recieving any products beyond what a usual party hostess would recieve.


Dana Blackburn said...

haha Thanks sis! You're the best! :)

Anonymous said...

Your legal disclosures are a hoot! Thanks for making my day.

ABW Photography said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hello, and thank you for following my blog!